Monday, December 27, 2010

Our 2nd Christmas

This year was much different then last. So much so that we didn't even set up a tree...sad but true. We did get to enjoy many other trees though!

Our weekend began with a Christmas Party at Phil's parents house on Thursday evening. We all came dressed up as Christmas movie characters. It was quite a blast!
Phil & Hannah: Mary & Joseph
Dan, Robyn, & Aiden: Jack Frost, an elf, and a little snowman
Carmen: Ghost of Christmas Past
Jocelyn: Jackie Frost
Michal: Cindy Lou Hou
Amy, Danny, & Alaina: Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Alex: Cornelius
Tim: himself :)
CJ: Tiny Tim (Crutch included)

The next day, Christmas Eve, we started our day at Phil's Uncle Steve and Aunt Lea's for their big Smith Family Christmas. Again, it was so great to see the whole family! We do a big gift card exchange and it can be quite entertaining to say the least! We then raced home for our two Christmas Eve Services at church. Phil did an excellent job. I am so proud of how hard he works and the heart he puts into all that he does. We went to my parents house after church and ate some yummy appetizers and headed home.

Christmas Day--
We did our own thing right away in the morning. Phil got some new clothes and I got a new winter jacket, a big sun hat, and some jewelry organizers! Perfect! We then headed down to my parents for breakfast, stockings, and presents. Phil made us all french toast. It was a wonderful morning!

After my parents, we headed up north to the Haydn's. We had a traditional Hungarian dish prepared by Phil's mother. We were joined by Connor and Jenny and Grandma Haydn.

The baby got a few new outfits too! Everyday we get a little closer to our little one coming. We have an official closing date of Dec. 30, 2010. I think after we get in our house we will really begin to feel like the baby is coming! With getting the room set up and the showers that are on their way, we certainly have much to look forward too!

Pictures soon to come of our new place!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 27

Just got back from my Doctor's Appointment this morning. The yummy glucose test! All is well. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat at 137 which is good and everything else seemed to check out too. Good news, baby is coming in 13 weeks, bad news, I have to go to the doctor's now every two weeks! Gezz! Who knew!? I suppose better safe then sorry.

As we speak, Phil is out working on this great rocker that we got! He is sanding it down so we can stain it a dark ebony to match the rest of the baby room. And speaking of the baby room...we are close on the house! Chances are, it's not going to be before Christmas, but it WILL be the week after! Soooo ready! So back to the's the progress so far!

Classic and simple! So many of the new ones are way too over the top for me! Looking forward to the end product. Coming soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 26

Six weeks ago, I couldn't wait to start felling the baby move around. Within this past week, I've felt the baby move more and more each day. My goodness, if it's like this til week 40, it could get rough! I'm loving the fact that I can feel the baby every day and it's a reminder that my little guys is growing. It becomes more real each day.

I was reading in 1 Samuel this past week, again rediscovering the meaning of my own name, Hannah. Though I knew what she was asking from the Lord, I never really went on to see what her son Samuel accomplished after Hannah had pasted. I was astonished at Samuel's faithfulness to the Lord and the ways he continued to serve the Lord and show the people God's power. My prayers have been that our own son can have the same desire as Samuel and that Phil and I can give back our child just as Hannah did. 

I continue to feel strong and healthy. I will go back in for my next appointment this coming Monday. I will go in for the yummy diabetes/glucose test. One more thing done! If all goes well, only three more doctors appointments and then it will be time for the baby. 14 weeks and counting! We will take it sooner too! 

Still working on getting in that house... Hoping to be closed by the end of the month. We have made some good progress this week and we will know more by the end of the week. I continue to pray that if this is the house we are supposed to be in, it will be sooner then later so that I can get things set up. I am anxious to be settled in to a place that is our own.

Looking forward to the days ahead. Pictures will be coming soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 24

So this past week my sister took some pictures for us for our Christmas Cards...ofcourse I can't post the picture we are using for the card, buuuut, I would love to share the rest!! : )

Even though I feel like I still have a long way to go, I know it is coming fast! Each day it seems that things are getting a little more difficult: like tying my shoes, getting up and down, sitting on the ground, etc. And many of you know how much I hate being slowed down! I am learning to understand my limits and accept the fact that there is going to come a time where I won't be able to do everything I used too! God is good and he continues to teach me each day what it means to be patient and wait for what He has. 

Many of you have asked about the house, and we are still working towards getting it. I do not know the closing date but I trust soon! Everything is still looking very positive, it's just moving very slowly! My hope is to be in by Christmas. Trusting that this will still happen!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 23

We had another check up today. Everything is well. The baby's heartbeat today was 153. It is pretty amazing how quickly time seems to be passing. We have 17 weeks until our little one is here.

Week 23 Facts:
The baby is weighing about 1 pound.
The pancreas is developing around this time.

Other things I have been learning along the way...
: Car seats have about a six year life span until they expire.
: Registering is overwhelming and exhausting! The first time we went, we had to leave after about the first 20 minutes because we didn't know even where to begin! (By the way we are at Babies'R'Us and we have completed our registry!)
: New mothers are irreplaceable! Thank goodness for a few of my close friends who have just had children! They have been such a guide and support with knowing how to even comprehend and prepare for the little one.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it PINK or is it BLUE?

So I know that many of you were unable to make it to the Pink or Blue Party...but let me tell you! We sure celebrated! And a huge thanks to our wonderful friends and family that were able to come! Oh and by the way... did I mention...


We couldn't be happier! Each day we are growing more and more ready to meet our little guy. And yes, the name has been chosen. March 21st-ish, you will find out! 

October 31st -- Happy Halloween
We had our first party in Dalton, OH where we got to share with many of my friends and family that I grew up with. Here are some pictures from the revealing.

 So as people were coming in, we had them sign up for what they thought their guess was

The set up including mom's beautiful fall cookies!


  The final guesses...

Mom, ofcourse being mom..., got a boy present and a girl present. It was very fitting.

Aunt Debbie got everyone aliened. Those who think it was a girl stood on this side...

Those who thought it was a boy stood on this side...

The beautiful cake made by a lovely lady named Janice Knapp. Our good friend from dairy queen who makes all of our specialty cakes! (Including all 9 wedding ice cream cakes!)

And ofcourse the anticipation was a killer...

 Here it comes...

It's all BLUE!! and yes, we did all have blue mouths after we were done eating it!

Mom's pretty little outfit that she got for our little baby boy. 

And what would a party be without these two goofballs!

 We all agreed that the bows on their heads need to be switched!! : )

November 2nd -- Happy Birthday Mom Sharon! 
We weren't able to do the party all together so on Tuesday night we went up to Lagrange, OH to tell all of Phil's family and friends. 
Girl Votes: Grandma Smith and Amy Boone. 
Boy Votes: Mom and Dad Haydn, Connor and Jenny Haydn

Phil got the honors this time...

And...drum roll please...

More Blue!! We would have been in trouble if it wasn't! : )

Thanks everyone for a wonderful celebration! 19 weeks to go.