Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 33

The baby is now 4 1/2 lbs and feels like it is growing more everyday! He is running out of room in here! I continue to pray for strength and a tender heart. As time draws nearer, I feel that I am beginning to question things more and more. "Can I really do this?" "I have to be responsible now." "Someone else's life is going to be put into my hands." "Self sacrifice..." 

It is all part of it, I get it, but I also know that God is constantly renewing my mind each morning and preparing my heart for motherhood. I've been spending many days at home as of late and all I can do is think about not being here by myself anymore. There will be another little person here who will demand my attention and require much love which I am ready to give!

The baby room is just about ready. Mike Schaeffer, Phil, and my dad spent last Monday painting it green. (Phil says I'm on a green kick now and any time I go to buy anything, I turn to the green one first. I tend to disagree... : ) ) We are getting close! Next week my friend Amanda will be coming in for our final shower. She will also be helping me with some of the decorating in the baby room as well. She is a professional ya know! : )

Within the past two weeks, I have had two amazing showers to help get ready for this little one. The first pictures are from a shower near Phil's hometown with his family and friends. Jenny Haydn, my sister-in-law, organized it all for me and it was a blast!

Instead of cards, she had everyone bring a children's book to start my children's library. You can only imagine how excited I am about this!! Seeing as I may have a slight obsession with children's books already, this definitely hit the nail on the head! So many new great stories! Including a recordable book in which Phil and I record and then can be played back anytime the child wants to read the book on his own. Pretty cool!

For the favors, Jenny set up a Candy Bar in which everyone could come and take some green goodies home with them! 

 Baby Croc's

On January 15th, The November Girls also had a shower for me. Yes, you may be asking yourself how this all works and yes, I do have six other mothers. These ladies are all near and dear to my heart. From a small age, these women have modeled to me what it looks like to be a good wife, a good sister, compassion, support, encouragement, and most of all, how to be a woman of faith.