Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 39

Don't think I've forgotten! Yes I know...6 weeks is far to long not to blog! I'll do better!

We are in our final descent into parenthood. These last few weeks have been spent getting everything ready for this child to come. I can now say that there is nothing left to clean or put together in our house! I think Phil thinks I'm overly prepared, but I want the house to be ready to come home and live in that first day home from the hospital.

This week has about pushed me over the top. The sleepless nights, back aches, contractions, and overall just feeling exhausted are finally catching up with me. Now we play the waiting game and more over, learning a lot more about patience. 

I do have a few pictures from the last shower we had. It was put on by my dear friends and family. I'll post some of the pictures below! It was absolutely wonderful~