Monday, October 25, 2010

Results From This Morning

We had a successful check up this morning at the Cleveland Clinic Wooster Women's Health Center. After drinking my 32oz. of liquid, I was geared up and ready for the ultrasound. It was successful! Baby is healthy and doing well. It is pretty incredible to be able to watch all the baby's movement as the ultrasound tech takes all the pictures they need. With a gain of 3.5 whole pounds and a measurement of 21cm, we are doing well. I was informed today that your measurement should correlate with how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy. However, in my case, Dr. Bare also informed me that because of my short stature, that is why mine reads a little bit higher. Who knew?! It didn't surprise me in the least bit. It comes with the territory I suppose. Here are a few pictures from this mornings visit.

As you can see in this second picture, the baby is all stretched out. Phil sent this picture to all our parents as soon as we got out of the appointment and I quickly got a response from my mother-in-law saying, "Wow look at those legs! That kid already taller than Hannah : }" Oh how I do love her! And yes this child, I trust, will grow much taller then me!

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