Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it PINK or is it BLUE?

So I know that many of you were unable to make it to the Pink or Blue Party...but let me tell you! We sure celebrated! And a huge thanks to our wonderful friends and family that were able to come! Oh and by the way... did I mention...


We couldn't be happier! Each day we are growing more and more ready to meet our little guy. And yes, the name has been chosen. March 21st-ish, you will find out! 

October 31st -- Happy Halloween
We had our first party in Dalton, OH where we got to share with many of my friends and family that I grew up with. Here are some pictures from the revealing.

 So as people were coming in, we had them sign up for what they thought their guess was

The set up including mom's beautiful fall cookies!


  The final guesses...

Mom, ofcourse being mom..., got a boy present and a girl present. It was very fitting.

Aunt Debbie got everyone aliened. Those who think it was a girl stood on this side...

Those who thought it was a boy stood on this side...

The beautiful cake made by a lovely lady named Janice Knapp. Our good friend from dairy queen who makes all of our specialty cakes! (Including all 9 wedding ice cream cakes!)

And ofcourse the anticipation was a killer...

 Here it comes...

It's all BLUE!! and yes, we did all have blue mouths after we were done eating it!

Mom's pretty little outfit that she got for our little baby boy. 

And what would a party be without these two goofballs!

 We all agreed that the bows on their heads need to be switched!! : )

November 2nd -- Happy Birthday Mom Sharon! 
We weren't able to do the party all together so on Tuesday night we went up to Lagrange, OH to tell all of Phil's family and friends. 
Girl Votes: Grandma Smith and Amy Boone. 
Boy Votes: Mom and Dad Haydn, Connor and Jenny Haydn

Phil got the honors this time...

And...drum roll please...

More Blue!! We would have been in trouble if it wasn't! : )

Thanks everyone for a wonderful celebration! 19 weeks to go.

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