Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 23

We had another check up today. Everything is well. The baby's heartbeat today was 153. It is pretty amazing how quickly time seems to be passing. We have 17 weeks until our little one is here.

Week 23 Facts:
The baby is weighing about 1 pound.
The pancreas is developing around this time.

Other things I have been learning along the way...
: Car seats have about a six year life span until they expire.
: Registering is overwhelming and exhausting! The first time we went, we had to leave after about the first 20 minutes because we didn't know even where to begin! (By the way we are at Babies'R'Us and we have completed our registry!)
: New mothers are irreplaceable! Thank goodness for a few of my close friends who have just had children! They have been such a guide and support with knowing how to even comprehend and prepare for the little one.

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