Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 26

Six weeks ago, I couldn't wait to start felling the baby move around. Within this past week, I've felt the baby move more and more each day. My goodness, if it's like this til week 40, it could get rough! I'm loving the fact that I can feel the baby every day and it's a reminder that my little guys is growing. It becomes more real each day.

I was reading in 1 Samuel this past week, again rediscovering the meaning of my own name, Hannah. Though I knew what she was asking from the Lord, I never really went on to see what her son Samuel accomplished after Hannah had pasted. I was astonished at Samuel's faithfulness to the Lord and the ways he continued to serve the Lord and show the people God's power. My prayers have been that our own son can have the same desire as Samuel and that Phil and I can give back our child just as Hannah did. 

I continue to feel strong and healthy. I will go back in for my next appointment this coming Monday. I will go in for the yummy diabetes/glucose test. One more thing done! If all goes well, only three more doctors appointments and then it will be time for the baby. 14 weeks and counting! We will take it sooner too! 

Still working on getting in that house... Hoping to be closed by the end of the month. We have made some good progress this week and we will know more by the end of the week. I continue to pray that if this is the house we are supposed to be in, it will be sooner then later so that I can get things set up. I am anxious to be settled in to a place that is our own.

Looking forward to the days ahead. Pictures will be coming soon!

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